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  •   Changzhou No.2 Drying Equipoment Factory Co.,Ltd is senior key enterprise in China drying industry. business for 20 years,actively cooperate with each university, collaborate and develop new process and new products. Continuous innovation and develop in drying design...

  •  ·mesh belt dryer

    When operation, air will be entered into the dryer and heated through heat exchanger. Being adapted scientific and reasonable cycle method, the hot air will pas through raw materials to be dried on the bed and carry out uniform heat exchanger.

     ·Spray dryer

    Our company in 2006 has produced 8 sets large spray dryer for zhongxin company. one set dispsoe capacity 17t/h. At present is originate equipment interiorly, hot air system design structure unique, actual effect is front , we initiate large scale drying system epoch.

     ·Flash dryer

    XSG series flash roating dryer is developed by our factory,and it’s techinology is based on advance techinology adorad.The machine is including many superioity,such as reasonable design,compact stuction,widly utilization,great productive capacity,good quality,high effect and save energy.

     ·Fluid bed dryer

    Raw materials is fed into the machine from the inlet and moves forward continuously along with the level of fluidized-bed under the action of vibration. The hot air passes through fluidized-bed and carries out hot heat exchange with damp raw material.

     ·Rotary drum dryer

    After the damp raw material is put into the dryer from on end,it is turned over through strring-up rake inside the cylinder and distributed uniform in the dryer and contacted with countercurrent hot air fully.

     ·mixing machine

    mixing machine make use of mechanical force and gravity to mix two kinds or more than two kinds of material,in mixing course, it can increase material contact surface area to promote chemical raction, and also can increse physical changes.

     ·Calcine technology

    calcinator with high temperature treatment, as natural gas, oil, electricity as heating source, use for puddling, collect rare metals, catalyst production, special chemcial products. it can ensure heating source and product separate in process of workig.

     ·bag, filter dust collector

    after dusty gas enter into dust collector ash hopper, as air stream section sudden enlargement and air stream distribution plate funcation. some large size particle subside in the ash hopper, fine powder goes into dust filration.

     ·hot air furnace

    Hot air furnce use fuel direct burning, by purificatio treatment form hot air to heat or drying material.


    Granulator with fast granulating, good effect, special sieve,widely used in medicine, chemical, food industry.
  • silicone belt dryer

    Inorganic silicone is a kind of high active adsorption material,usually reaction with sodium silicate and sulfuric acid,after ageing,acid bubble a series process.As silicone inneral absords large moisture, so drying process is relatively slow,In drying process, we have to ensure the cerain drying tempeature and stay time.if drying speed is too fast, it will break the silicon. in the drying process, front portion is preheating, the temperataure is lower but belt speed is fast, to the back of the dryer, the temperature is higher and belt speed is lower.
  • Catalyst special belt dryer

    The catalyst can change the rate of chemical reactions in a chemical reaction. Catalyst belt dryer sheet is widely used in food, agricultural products, dehydrated vegetables, herbs, aquatic products, native products, animal feed and chemical industries, the strip, massive and granular materials dehydration operations.
  • Pigment single layer belt dryer

    Pigments single belt drying advantages: heat exchanger placed in the lower position of the heating network to bring uniformity, high thermal efficiency. Multiple combinations can be used in tandem, effectively increasing the drying area. Cons: For a drying process is easy to produce powder material suited.
  • silicone carbide belt dryer

    Silicon carbide is smelted in high temperature with quartz sand, petroleum coke (or char), sawdust. After the silicon carbide become grain go into belt dryer,the material surface will have surface free water, this time in front of the dryer blow it with hot air, then most of the free water removed. At the same time the material begins to warm up, because this time air humidity is high, so the mixing temperature in front units are lower.
  • Battery separator paper spray belt dryer

    DWF air stream spray belt dryer is special dryer is suitable for drying the material with poor ventilation, the typical example: pulp drying, drying the coating cloth, plate drying. Due to its special nature, in the design according to the nature of the material, the temperature of the hot air, the amount of circulating gas, humidity, air speed and gas stream is not common to most materials, a large practical difference. Therefore, the user when ordering, should discuss with our engineer to make a detailed technical, in order to make rational design to promote better benefits for the user to generate a better performance of our equipment.
  • Multilayer belt dryer+ pretreatment production line

    Dedicated multilayer belt dryer with energy efficient features, the leading domestic level in cross-flow heat, layered into the air, stepwise temperature drying, waste heat recovery and other aspects, the main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level nineties.
  • Sweet potato special belt dryer

    Sweet potatoes have "longevity food" reputation, has anti-cancer, protect the heart, prevent emphysema, diabetes, weight loss and other effects. Dedicated sweet potato belt dryer is reserched and developed on the base of traditional belt dryer, highly targeted, practical, high energy efficiency, widely used in all kinds of regional and seasonal vegetables, fruits the dehydration.
  • Dates belt dryer

    radish belt dryer is consist of feeder, drying beds,heat exchanger, humidity remove fan and other major components. When the dryer work, cold air is heated by a heat exchanger, using scientific and reasonable cycle mode, the hot air flow through uniform heat and mass transfer through the bed surface is dry material, the body of each unit of heat flow in the circulating fan under the action of hot air circulation, the final low-temperature high-humidity air is discharged smoothly and efficiently complete the drying process.
  • Silicone dedicated boiling dryer

    An amorphous silica material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, odorless, chemically stable, does not react with any substance except alkali, hydrofluoric acid. silicone dedicated boiling dryer is consist of air filter, fluidized bed hosts, cyclone, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console components. Due to the different nature of the dry materials, while supporting removal equipment,you can select the cyclone, bag filter, can also choose one of them.
  • Bread crumbs dedicated boiling dryer

    The edible part of the bread crumbs to 100%, the usual home leftover bread slices in the microwave heating, slice of bread is completely dry and slightly browned bread crumbs dedicated boiling dryer which applies to loose granular materials dry, such as pharmaceutical drugs in bulk drugs, tablet pellets, granules medicine, chemical raw materials in plastic resin, citric acid and other powdery, granular materials dehumidification drying, but also for food and beverage powder, food processing, corn dried germ, feed, etc.. The particle size of the material up to 6mm, most preferably 0.5-3mm.
  • Magnesium chloride spray dryer

    Magnesium, and generally contains six molecules of water of crystallization, deliquescent. Spray drying magnesium chloride machine is a suitable emulsion, suspensions, pastes, solutions and other liquid and dry special drying equipment.
  • Calcium phosphate flash dryer

    Calcium phosphate also named tricalcium phosphate is white, crystalline or amorphous powder.hot air from the inlet tube to the appropriate speed spouted into the stirring and crushing and drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer, the material exerts strong shearing, blowing, floating and rotating effect, so the material by centrifugation, scissors cut, collision, friction is micronized, enhanced heat and mass transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, larger wet granules under the action of the agitator is mechanically crushed, the lower moisture content, smaller size particles are entrained in the rotating air flow increase, and further dried in the rising process.As the gas-solid flow in rotating inertia of the solid phase is greater than the gas phase, the larger the relative velocity between solid and gas phases, and strengthen heat and mass transfer between the two phases, the production strength is high.
  • Cemical

  • · silicone belt dryer
  • · Catalyst special belt dryer
  • · Pigment single layer belt dryer
  • · Silicone dedicated boiling dryer
  • · Magnesium chloride spray dryer
  • · Solvent recovery Centrifugal Spray Dryer
  • · Alumina spray dryer
  • · Calcium phosphate flash dryer
  • Food

  • · Radish belt dryer
  • · Garlic slice dedicated belt dryer
  • · Multilayer belt dryer+ pretreatment production line
  • · Sweet potato special belt dryer
  • · Dates belt dryer
  • · Dates multilayer steel plate dryer
  • · peanut belt dryer
  • · Essence of chicken special belt dryer
  • Medicine


  • · silicone carbide belt dryer
  • · Battery separator paper spray belt dryer
  • Agriculture

  • · Turemic hydrolyzate belt dryer
  • · Actived carbon air stream dryer
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